The telemetry system that we utilise offers many advantages over a mine with little or no automation. Our systems can be designed to give constant updates on the condition of underground equipment and enable the use of this information to control and alarm equipment.

The equipment utilised is the Miri AD2000 and AD2006 Telemetry units with a Master Slave configuration. The Master unit will ideally be located near the Mine Control room. All slave units are polled by the master to retrieve up to date data and then respond as necessary. This happens at a pre-determined interval. To avoid having any delays should an event occur with monitored equipment (and have to wait for the update polling), the system is additionally established to be event driven.

This simply means as soon as there is a change of state in a piece of monitored equipment this is transferred to the master as it happens.The result is constant and up to date information at all times at the master unit.

All of this information is then displayed on a computer using Citect Scada software and provides visual and audible alarms and data to be monitored constantly by an operator or viewed as necessary. Manipulation of this data once in Citect is only limited by site requirements.

Becker Mining Systems can automate and monitor any equipment, examples include:

  •   Secondary Fans
  •   Primary Fans
  •   Gas Monitoring
  •   Pumping Stations
  •   Stench Gas Units
  •   Air Compressors
  •   Fire Suppression Systems
  •   Fuel Tank Monitoring
  •   Tailings & Return Monitoring